Blog, blog, blog, blog: it’s big, it’s heavy, it’s wood (aka Hello World)

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 3.56.20 pmAs i reach into the corners of my mind to assemble my final version of #ALC203 assignment one,  i have been musing a lot on on line usage as a content creator. For me social media is full of it’s own anxieties and pitfalls: in my real world, non university life i am a rather busy content creator professionally. Adding extra interactions through additional accounts is somewhat of a weighty burden – especially when I go back to other social media accounts and find a trove of interactions that need attention.

In many ways, I have found over the course of the last year or so that a website is almost redundant. With the notable exception of government based and funded clients, very few people contact me through that channel. As such i find it a constant battle to cross the platforms that different clients prefer – Twitter, Facebook, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Tumblr, Instagram etc: and the algorithms that govern them.

Adjusting to the changes that facebook constantly make which effects brand message is a constant challenge: the easy and logical option of administering everything from a platform like hootsuite is no longer a viable option as facebook down ranks posts from this platform. Likewise a cross posted instagram photo pushed to facebook is likely to be downgraded because it is not what facebook considers an “authentic” post – ie one generated natively within its own platform (despite the same company owning both).

Needless to say – it’s somewhat of a minefield. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not complaining – but in a world where tech and interconnected platforms is meant to make communication easier than ever before, it can sometimes feel utterly overwhelming.

For those of you who read until the end of this blog post – congratulations. The title was a reference to a Ren and Stimpy song. Yes, i am showing my age. Enjoy.


Featured Image: We Are Social (cropped) by traggingsarl (CC BY 2.0)


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